Cook Finance
Index Selectors
Cook makes it easy for users to select from a menu of different DeFi Indexes across multiple chains.


​On this screen you’ll see 3 boxes at the top which show some of the most popular currently available DeFi Indexes. Within each index you can easily see the price history, underlying index assets and a button called “Details” to learn more about the index and actually issue the index

Index Issuing

To issue an index click on the index that you are interested in so you can go to the details page of the index. Next click the Issue/Redeem button or just scroll down to the Issue section. There you will be able to input the amount of tokens you would like to spend to get this index.
The top section of the index details page consists of:
  • Index Name: the official name of the index
  • Net Asset Value (NAV): represents the values of all the underlying tokens. There might be some discrepancies between NAV and the spot price on DEX.
  • Issue Button: Issue/Redeem index tokens using underlying tokens.
  • Price Chart: chart that tracks the historic performance of the particular index token. The available historic periods are 1 Day, 1 Week, 1 Month and 3 Months.
  • Pie Chart: This chart shows the index composition of the underlying tokens and the percentages of each
  • View on Block Explorer: This link enables you to see the actual on chain data for the index
  • Basic APY: This is the APY provided by the underlying token components if included
  • Staking APY: This is the APY provided by staking the index on the Cook farm page
Now if you would like to issue a different token than that is currently listed just click the dropdown arrow to see the currently available list of tokens that you can issue and select the one that you would like to issue.
After you enter the token number you will see the amount of the index that you will receive for the tokens that you issued. Now you can press the “Issue” button, confirm the transaction through your MetaMask wallet and then wait for the transaction to complete.
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