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Proposal Template
CIP #: [CIP number]
Title: [CIP title]
Status: [Proposed, Approved, Rejected, Executed]
Proposer(s): [a list of proposer(s) names]
Discussion link: [Create a post on]
Created: [date created on]

Executive Summary

You need to summarize your proposal in one paragraph. This should be non-technical and accessible to a casual community member.

Problem Statement

This section should explain the reasons why the proposal is needed. Please focus on the problem statement and do not describe your proposed solution here.

Proposed Solution


This overview subsection is a high level overview of how the CIP will solve the stated problem.


The rationale subsection needs to specify the reasoning of your solution. Some of the questions to consider include:
  • Why did you propose to implement the change in this way?
  • What are the trade-offs?
  • Any alternate designs? And why are they not chosen?
  • What is the sentiment for this CIP in the community during the community discussion phase?
  • Are there any objections or concerns? How to mitigate these concerns?


The specification subsection should clearly describe how the solution will be implemented.