Cook Finance
Index Products
Cook Index products are indexes that are composed of a list of tokens and that track the performance of the underlying assets. Cook Protocol will have different index products available on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Huobi Eco Chain.

How it works

The Cook DApp is connected directly through decentralized exchanges. So if there is sufficient liquidity for the index tokens, users can acquire the index tokens that other users have issued previously at low gas costs. The trade-off is that the transaction size is limited by the depth of the liquidity pool and that there might be some small slippage.
Alternatively, a user can use the underlying assets to mint index tokens, which are ERC-20 tokens, also known as ckTokens. The trade-off is that users need to have all the component tokens and it costs much more in gas, but users can mint as many index tokens as they want. Users can redeem index tokens at any time and get the underlying assets in return.
Here are the three ecosystems that we plan to launch the index products first and their respective indexes:
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How it works