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Buy/Sell Indexes
In this section, we will demonstrate how to buy and sell index tokens as an investor.
First of all, you need to click on the Swap button.
A dialog box will show up. The dialog box will present you the option to input how many tokens you desire to swap. To buy index tokens, you can have WETH in the from field. To sell index tokens, you can click on the down arrow to switch the directions of from and to so that you can swap index tokens for WETH:
Once you have decided how many tokens you desire to swap, input the data on the From field and the corresponding swapped amount will be displayed in the To field.
Underneath the swap button, the estimated amount of swapped token to be received is shown. There is some transaction slippage and gas fees, therefore, the exact amount of tokens received might vary.
Once you click on the Swap button, metamask will will display the amount of gas fees and ask for permission:
After you confirm the transaction on Metamask, the transaction will go through, you will see the following pending transaction screen:
Once the transaction is successful, you can verify your wallet to ensure that the correct balance is displayed.

Buy/Sell vs Issue/Redeem Comparison

There are two ways to acquire index tokens: one is to swap them on DEX, the other one is to issue them using underlying tokens. Swap is the preferred method since it incurs much less gas fees and is more convenient. But if you already hold all the underlying tokens, you can also issue index tokens using your underlying tokens.
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