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Crypto Largecap Index (CLI)
Crypto Largecap Index (CLI) includes the top two tokens that have the largest circulating market capitalizations: BTC and ETH. These large cap tokens represent the biggest and the best tokens in crypto and are the cornerstones of the entire industry.


The Crypto Largecap Index (CLI) is a digital asset index designed to track the largest tokens’ performance in the crypto industry. The index is weighted based on the value of each token’s circulating supply.


The following criteria is used to select what tokens will be included in the Crypto Largecap Index (CLI):
  • The tokens must be available on Ethereum mainnet
  • The token must not be considered a security by the corresponding authorities across different jurisdictions.
  • The selected tokens must have sufficient liquidity across a variety of trading platforms.
  • The tokens must be ranked as top 10 tokens with the largest market cap on Coingecko and CoinMarketCap consistently
  • The tokens must have gone through audits and must comply with security best practices
The circulating market capitalizations of each project are used to calculate index composition.
Initial Allocation Breakdown:
  • circulating_supply is the number of tokens circulating in the market. CoinGecko is used as a reference source
  • market_price is the market price of the token in USD. CoinGecko is used as a reference source
  • index_divisor is a constant used to compute the nominal value of the index. The divisor is 3093848205 at inception
  • index_price is the spot value of the index token


The Cook Largecap Index (CLI) is a tokenized representation of the two largest projects in crypto.
At the third week of the third month every quarter, the Largecap index will be evaluated and tokens can be added and deleted from the index. As a result, the circulating supply of each component token will be recalculated based on the data from CoinGecko after updates on the index composition. The index components are adjusted, added, deleted or unchanged. New index weights, additions and deletions are incorporated into the index during the quarterly reconstitution.
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